Digimon Tamers Coverage: Dubbed vs. Subbed

Digimon Tamers came out in 2001, and aired in America on Saturday morning during the Fox Kids programming block.

Like many shows of that time, the dub (the English-language version) is not terribly good. The voice acting is largely fine, but the script is rather changed. Most of the edits are just added jokes, such as one Digimon Adventure villain’s mournful cry for pizza equality, but there are a few times it really changes the feel of a scene. In fact, watching the subtitled and dubbed version of the first Tamers episode is a fascinating experience: The English version includes far more dialogue, and it really highlights some differing values.

This makes it tempting to either go for the subtitled version or to try to watch both versions at once. Perhaps, at some point, I’ll try that. For now, however, I’m going to stick with the dub. This is partly because I want to revisit the series I watched as a child, but mostly because the dub is just easier to find. It’s streaming legally for free on Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll. I can find the subbed version for free, but so far only on places of questionable legality.

In the interests of gathering the widest audience possible, I’m going with the dubbed version.


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