Digimon Tamers Coverage: Announcement

Alright, let’s start.

“Digimon Tamers changed my life, man!” I know it’s a silly phrase, but it really did. Digimon Tamers was the first time I recognized themes and philosophical questions in any kind of pop culture, and given that I’m now studying literature, that was a big development. I’d like to go back and revisit it now that I’m older, or at least a somewhat more experienced viewer.

But, after spending several days trying to write this entry, I’ve decided I can’t entirely talk about it alone. It is, after all, partially built on a post-modern move: That the events of the previous two seasons of Digimon are themselves just a popular work of fiction. The work is very consciously reacting to over 100 episodes of adventure, and it would be a bit silly to ignore that. Yet I don’t want to cover 100 episodes of another show just so I can talk about 50 which I do.

So here’s my pointlessly complicated method of handling this: I’ll do a week of preview articles, highlighting some particularly relevant entries from across both seasons of Digimon Adventure, along with some overview articles about the franchise in general and Digimon Tamers in particular.

Also worth discussing is the age-old issue of dubbed versus subbed, but I’ll tackle that separately.

EDIT: So that week of preview articles? Gone. Instead, I’m just going to cover Adventure 01 and 02 first. I was sketching out the articles and found that I wanted to talk about over half of each series anyhow, so… Instead I’m going to cover two things I didn’t want to, all so I can adequately cover the one thing I did, probably over a month from now.


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