Concept: Empty Home Chronicle

I’ve been watching “Sousei no Onmyouji”, which is a somewhat mediocre new shounen series (erk, do I need to do an article on anime demographics?),  and I found myself rather interested in one of the story elements. The two main characters thus far, Benio and Rokuro, are prophesied to wed and produce a child (the messianic “Miko”). They are, however, rather resistant to the idea, and understandably so. Of course, they’re also 14 years old in a show aimed at young boys (definitely need to write that article now), so this isn’t exactly a central concern to the series. Six episodes in and it mostly leads to jokes about how bickering like married couples.

But I’m sort of interested in the dynamic! Two characters who aren’t in love, but are forced into a romantic relationship, struggle to either escape their situation or to come to some kind of understanding between them. What do they do with this connection which has been forced upon them? How do they react to each other? What about their relationships with others?

I could easily see this being a novel, or forming the center of a visual novel, and I think I’d like to play around with the idea a little bit. This wasn’t developed as part of an existing fictional setting, and I think I’d like to keep it that way. That said, I am playing around with making a Pathfinder campaign out of it, so there’s a bit of tension between making it a game versus a more literary object.

Maybe this is too early to be talking about this? Anyhow, I’m giving it the title of “Empty Home Chronicle” for now.


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