A Period of Reconstruction

I’m going to be renovating the site for a while, so expect it to look even worse than it does now.

When I started this site, I didn’t pay much attention to its construction. I just wanted someplace to write, and I thought if I worried about the layout, I’d never actually create any articles. This was a good idea: As my still non-existent Digimon Adventure articles demonstrate, format absolutely strangles me.

It’s been two weeks, though, and the blog has moved from just something I should give another shot to something which occupied a lot of mental real estate. I want to actually do things with this place, over long periods of time, and that means I need this place to be more organized than it is now. This means really taking stock of what I plan to write about, how I want to present it, and what it means to me, which is what I think I’ll do today.

Aside from a brief post about the tag system I’m experimenting with.


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