Building A Mission Statement: Part 0: Overview

I didn’t really try to articulate a vision for this blog when I started it and I think it shows, so let’s start Reconstruction by fixing that. This should eventually result in a mission statement, but I’m not there yet. There’s a recommended structure to that which I don’t want to grapple with at this moment. Later for sure, though.

Actually, let me indulge in my passion for over-organizing before I do anything else. This “mission statement” thing will be a multi-step process.

  1. Zeroth is this, the organizational overview explaining how things will, and eventually do, go.
  2. First, I’d like to answer some personal questions about the identity of this site in a loose, rambling personal essay.
  3. Then I’d like to introduce those ideas of what a mission statement should address by turning some online templates into a questionnaire which I’d subsequently fill out
  4. (and post as an attachment to an article describing the experience of filling out that questionnaire).
  5. After that, I’d like to turn those answers into the actual document, which is partly its own process story, especially if I do drafts,
  6. But would also be posted as the final installment of what is now a series.

And then I’ll post it separately as the 2016 Mission Statement for The New Miscellany. So it’s a simple six step process, all of which I plan on documenting because I am incredibly dull. This will go well.


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