The New Tagging System

I haven’t looked into the options WordPress gives me for sorting content, so until I do I’m just going to use an embarrassing amount of tags to organize things.

There will be tags for the date of a post’s authorship, along with ones for the month-year phrase and the year itself. This might prove redundant, since a lot of blogging sites make it easy to do that without clogging up the tags, and when I find out how to enable that I will do so.

I’m also instituting tags for both the subject of an article as well as the class of topic the subject is part of, so “Election” would be a subject contained by “Politics”.

A separate set of tags will be used to allow sorting by the genre of writing, along with a sub-set to note what series any given article are part of.

So my hypothetical review of the first episode of Digimon Adventure, if posted today, would have tags of “June 8 2016”, “June 2016”, “2016”, “Digimon Adventure”, “Digimon”, “Anime”, “Episode Reviews”, “Anime Reviews”, and “Fox Kids Digimon Rewatch”. At least.

Yeah, this probably won’t last. I just want a place to start while I figure things out.


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