The Status of Various Projects

I’m a bit bored writing about goals and visions, so let’s stop and talk about past projects. Empty Home Chronicle, Project: Fred, the Digimon reviews, all that stuff is still on in some form, but not necessarily in the way I expected, and Reconstruction seems like a good time to introduce this. Let’s go item by item.

Digimon Reviews: These are still on, but I’m dropping the framework I talked about in the most recent article. The sections just weren’t working out, sadly, and trying to make them work just threw the review off-balance. I still plan to track elements like the treatment of women, or the development of the setting, but for now I’m just going to focus on explaining my reactions. The only thing being dropped is the “Digimon by the Data” thing, which wasn’t called that in the announcement, but that’s because I was having a hard time getting the clock on the Netflix interface to count reliably.

Empty Home Chronicle: The very day I announced this, I regretted it. Arranged marriages are a really complicated subject, both emotionally and politically, and I’m just not ready to write that. That said, I did enjoy theorizing about the framework and marriage, so I’d like to do a series of articles unpacking some of the decisions involved.

Project: Fred: I don’t entirely know how to describe the status of this. I’ve been thinking a lot about it, and it’s easily a more long-term project than I thought it was. The setting creation element will be discontinued until I’m more experienced, but I really enjoyed thinking about the region I live in. What this mostly means is that I’m looking for a smaller setting project, but open to writing about the history of the land I live on. So… Yeah?

All Those Projects Mentioned On Various Header Pages Which Aren’t Long For The World: Their days are numbered. Well, kind of.  Those are all things I’d like to do, but I haven’t started them yet, so soon all mention of them will be gone. Hopefully they’ll come back some day, but soon all that will be left of  them is this reference.


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