A Rundown of My E3 Coverage

It’s time for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, also called E3, which some used to call “the best three days in gaming”. At the last minute, I decided I should write about it for the blog. The convention officially starts tomorrow, but with two streaming press conferences tonight, I might as well get started today.

Here’s what this week will look like.

Tomorrow, I’ll have an article up explaining E3, both in terms of the nature of the event and its cultural importance to gaming. I should have had this ready for today, but that’s not going to happen.

This is because the real meat of the event lies in the conferences, which start today, with the Bethesda (9 PM EST) and Electronic Arts (4 PM) presentations. There’s about four or five more over the next three days, most of which will be streamed online. What I plan to do is privately blog each one, then present my thoughts in actual articles later on.

The corporate presentations weren’t always the main attraction. A few years ago, the show floor was the big deal, which is positively littered with booths and demo stations. Now you might get a few articles from reporters who who got their hands on an anticipated title, but for the most part that era of coverage has ended. I’d like to look into what exactly happened, and possibly if I’m just crazy for thinking that was a thing. Ideally, this would be up by Tuesday, but I’m a little nervous it won’t be ready until Wednesday, since the research is a little weird.

On a related note, for the first time E3 is somewhat open to the public. They have put together something called “E3 Live 2016”, which runs parallel to the main event at a different site. This is a big step for the convention, which in recent years has lost a lot of its shine, and I’m hoping there’s enough written about it that I can put together at least a list of accounts. I’m hoping this can be up Wednesday.

We’ll then wrap things up with a few Aftermath articles. Thursday, I’ll poll myself, and see if anything actually excited me as a consumer. Friday, however, I set aside my personal interests in favor of my biases with the first-ever “New Miscellany Best of E3” awards. Finally, Saturday will see me reflect on my coverage of the event, which will surely suggest that I improve my schedule-explaining skills.


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