I Totally Messed Up E3 Coverage

So I have these other papers that I need to do, and I foolishly didn’t finish them before E3. Now that the conferences are over, I’ve been thinking a lot more about them, and how important it is to finish them. Problem is, I’m really behind on my E3 write-ups as well, and I’m not sure how to balance the two (actually like nine).

So the E3 coverage is slightly on the backburner, even though it’s time sensitive as well. I’m just not sure I can have everything written by the end of this week. The good news is, no one’s reading this.

Since I can’t rely on the E3 stuff for timely content, I’m also going to be using it in some other projects. It will be my first real complete unit of coverage, and I’d like to explore how I package and deliver that.


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